Polytron, Inc. Awarded 2019 System Integrator of the Year

DULUTH, GA – December 10, 2018 – Polytron, Inc., a Digital System Integrator, leader in engineering consulting and Systems Integrator is pleased to announce that it has again been awarded the prestigious System Integrator of the Year for 2019. Each year, system integrators around the world compete for the title of System Integrator of the […]

Protecting Against Malicious Code

On the plant floor, malicious code can easily shutdown production or threaten the safety of your operation.  Learn some valuable protection tips from the United States Computer Readiness Emergency Team (US-CERT). What is malicious code? Malicious code is unwanted files or programs that can cause harm to a computer or compromise data stored on a […]

A Simple Way to Communicate More Effectively

Most of us have had an experience where we have given someone an assignment only to come back later and hear the claim that you never said the things you know you said. If this happens frequently, it’s likely one of two things: either you’re losing your mind (which can be true from week to week), […]

Tribes In Your Operations

Polytron recently presented a webinar on the topic of Operational Consistency – Operator Driven Reliability focusing on stable, standardized operational processes for Operational Excellence. At its core, Operational Excellence is the state of an organization – it’s a culture, where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership result in ongoing organizational improvement. This operational approach demands shared standards across all […]

What is GHS?

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is an international effort developed by the United Nations to create a universal system for chemicals. With chemicals shipping to various countries, the inconsistencies between national and international laws slows commerce and creates potential safety hazards. By creating a universal standard, GHS will help […]

5S – Continual Improvement with Polytron

To excel in manufacturing, improvement never stops. Polytron always wants our clients to provide the very best services for their customers, and the 5S method is a great way to get there. You love your business. You have since you first laid eyes on it. But somehow, as it always happens, things get a little […]

5 Ways That Automation Can Streamline Assembly Operations

In the article, 5 Ways That Automation Can Streamline Assembly Operations, courtesy of Control Engineering’s weekly newsletter and blog, I found this article that talks about how automation can help implement concepts to help your assembly operations. Lean manufacturing expert, Dan Fleming, worked with Bosch Rexroth to outline how automation can work with lean concepts […]