Smart manufacturing - MES/MOM

What are some of the business drivers and opportunities fueling your smart manufacturing strategy?

Drivers include lack of real time visibility, manual processes, manual integration, lack of feedback, too much data, effective maintenance to reduce downtime and a lack of best practices.  The right technology at the right place to the right person delivers immediate impact to your production performance.

Ultimately, manufacturers are looking to make business smarter through smarter manufacturing. You want to solve business problems and show a return for the investment made to fuel future phases.  Smarter solutions unleash the power of the data from your plant floor to enable you to start the Smart Manufacturing journey for improved efficiency and increased profitability. The highest value is delivered by identifying and implementing the right technology, process, and organizational changes required to leverage that data. Data-driven projects can produce a quick return and influence – even reduce – critical capital expenditure projects.


Technology Enablers:

  • Modern / Agile MOM Platforms at the Core
  • IIoT / Cloud based solutions
  • Smart Sensors, Wireless / mesh
  • RFID
  • Machine learning
  • Collaborative / mobile robots
  • Block Chain
  • Wearables / Smart glasses
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Digital Twin

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