Industrial networkS and security

Is your industrial network hardware and software capable of handling future manufacturing needs with security, scalability and stability in mind?

 Today’s manufacturing infrastructure technology has matured into a crucial business asset. Developing a robust and secure network infrastructure requires protecting the integrity, availability and security of manufacturing control data. Our approach to industrial network convergence applies a design methodology for your network requirements to develop a physical framework to align to support your manufacturing strategy. Our roadmap ensures secure, standardized, and consistent network integration to enable plant and enterprise-wide information sharing.


Several network business drivers are seeded from larger data driven initiatives. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Ability to accurately Track Machine Utilization
  2. Support the use of Advanced Sensor Technologies and Enabling Predictive Maintenance
  3. Create connected environments – internal and external support models (remote support)
  4. Reduce Cost by optimizing operations through automation and inventory management
  5. Increase revenues through quality control
  6. Cybersecurity protections against today’s threats

Cyber criminals can hide inside your network for over 56 days before an attack. In today’s world, firewalls are a thing of the past. Networks are under constant attack from outside and inside sources. With in-depth knowledge of computers, machines and industrial controllers, IP address management for industrial networks, and deploying data collection solutions, Polytron’s background in network protection provides confidence in delivering the outcome necessary for success.