Webinar: The Smart Manufacturing Journey – Best Practices, Successes, and Lessons Learned

Many manufacturers are well underway with their Smart Manufacturing transformation and are seeing the business results of reduced costs, higher throughput, improved quality, and greater supply chain visibility to name a few. Yet others have struggled to demonstrate the value of Industry 4.0 solutions resulting in many cases to what has been termed “Proof-of-Concept Purgatory”.

During this webinar, we will share our insight into best practices, successes, pitfalls, and lessons learned from helping many different manufacturers develop and implement Smart Manufacturing strategies. Multiple case studies will be presented showing ROI results in the first three months.

The following key concepts will be covered:

  • Focus on solving business problems and pain points, not just implementing technology.
  • Team building and alignment is as important as with any other project.
  • Pick the right pilot to help ensure success
  • Pick the right technology platform(s) to meet your long-term needs
  • Agility is important – Start small, show results, scale quickly.
  • What solutions are manufacturers seeing success with – Predictive Maintenance; Agile MES; RFID; Traceability; Dashboards; IoT; Smart Sensors

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