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Why Should You Choose Polytron?

Tomorrow’s manufacturers must unlock the power of data from their plant floor systems to expand capability, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. Polytron delivers innovative process and packaging solutions backed by our deep technological expertise deploying smart technologies, MES/MOM solutions, and secure factory floor networking.  

Polytron’s extensive expertise in complex packaging systems and solutions goes back to our founding in 1983.  Polytron delivers automated solutions for integrated supply chain traceability from raw material to consumer. 

Our clients appreciate and engage our full system and solutions turnkey approach to support their strategic initiatives and establish long-term relationships with Polytron as a single-source provider. Click here to download a summary of Polytron’s solutions, capabilities, and industries serviced.

"Things are more automated now. It can get really complicated. You really need someone who understands the deep details of how our system works. Polytron has that expertise. They save us money by not having to start the process over each time. They know our business."

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OUR PURPOSE: Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow’s Manufacturers.


Do the right thing, even when nobody is watching!  We believe sincerity, integrity, honesty, and reliability are the foundation of our character.


Do the right thing, all the time! We add value to others through our service.


Do the right thing right, the right way!  We work diligently to be a trusted and valued partner with our clients.


Do the right thing, better!  We apply our creativity to develop solutions for our client’s applications.


Do the right thing, and be jazzed up about it!  


Do the right thing, with a willingness to be open and honest. 


Do the right thing, by working together in a positive spirit to achieve quality outcomes.

Award Winning and Affiliations

Polytron’s long-term industry partnerships support our depth of knowledge to deliver best-in-class solutions to improve operational performance and workforce optimization.

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Polytron currently maintains certifications and inhouse expertise with the industry leading automation vendors and other select software providers. Our 40 year technology-neutral commitment to this expertise allows us to provide the best combination of innovative technology and solutions to our clients.

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