Machinery Safety

Safety initiatives are driven by many factors such as: reduction of workforce incidents in the plant; lower the risk of an adverse event; or meet overall company sustainability objectives. Polytron’s TÜV certified experts apply proven expertise to mitigate our hazards and lower your risk to help you create a safe work environment for your people.

We help you protect your People, your Assets, and your Productivity

Polytron’s Machine Safety Roadmap offers you complete machine safety project delivery – from risk assessment through functional specification to remediation; validation and start-up; with training for operators and maintenance, to ensure that your workforce is ready to safely operate the newly upgraded equipment.

Taking a proactive step to evaluate your current machinery, whether legacy or new, will begin the process of lowering your risk and hazard levels. Polytron offers a complementary Machine Safety Checklist that is easy to follow.  Click Here to download the Machine Safety Checklist.  Protecting your employees by periodically evaluating the workspace creates an awareness by your employees.  Click Here to download the Polytron Job Hazard Checklist.


Polytron also offers related safety services to complement your machine safety program to improve workplace safety practices and performance.

  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Job Hazard Assessment
  • ARC Flash Audit
  • Safety Culture training

Our approach to machine safety is to come alongside your team to help prioritize your highest risk machines and effectively reduce hazards in your facility.