Navigating Smart Manufacturing

On October 29, 2020, Polytron’s Director of Smart Manufacturing Solutions, Richard Phillips, discussed Smart Manufacturing and best practices learned from multiple deployments at the South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo. For over 35 years, Polytron has worked with many Fortune 500 businesses, but recently started working with more small to medium manufacturers to help them develop and implement their Smart Manufacturing strategies.

Richard explained that all manufacturers can now benefit from Industry 4.0 solutions given the fast ROIs available with these technologies. Even manufacturers with outdated equipment can benefit from these solutions. Typically, OEE, downtime tracking and paperless solutions are implemented in the first phase of Smart Manufacturing.

It is important to understand and follow some of the best practices when implementing these solutions. These include a focus on the business drivers, ensuring the Stakeholders are aligned, selecting your short term and long-term technology stack, and carefully considering the impact of technology on your people and processes. To ensure project success, it is necessary to create a strategic plan and conduct an engineering assessment to determine the best technology to adopt based on business drivers.

To hear more about Richard’s insight of Smart Manufacturing and best practices, listen to the SC Manufacturing Conference Day 1, Session 4: The Dawn of Smart Manufacturing CLICK HERE.