Cyber Protection Gives Confidence to Manufacturers

Suffering from a cyber-attack may cause facility shutdowns, compromised worker safety, product quality and safety threats, system capabilities held ransom, intellectual property theft, or even millions of dollars of lost revenue.

In today’s world, firewalls are a thing of the past. Networks are under constant attack from outside and inside sources. Current available data suggests the dwell time of an attack is 56 days, meaning an attacker will be on the network for 56 days before being detected. Within these 8 weeks, the initial attacker has likely put notices in the dark market with access information.

Do you know where to start protecting your manufacturing assets across the plant floor from a cyber attack? With in-depth knowledge of computers, machines and industrial controllers, IP address management for industrial networks, and deploying data collection solutions, Polytron’s background in cyber protection provides confidence in delivering the outcome necessary for success.

Polytron helps to establish a strategic OT/IT team focused on ensuring the goal of cybersecurity. The use of collaboration tools keeps team members in constant real time communication across multiple sites enabling flexibility in scheduling, a cohesive team approach, systematic and manageable deployment, and centralize reporting function.

Find out the benefits of having a fully protected system by viewing the panel presentation “Network as a Differentiator.” As a Cisco Digital Solutions Integrator, Polytron’s Robin Cobb and Richard Phillips chat with Cisco’s Steve Gansen to discuss taking the next steps in using the network as a competitive differentiator.