Obsolete Technology: How to Justify an Upgrade

Technology obsolescence alone isn’t normally enough to justify a large capital upgrade. But, two drivers that typically kick off the initiative are improved reliability and increased performance. Increased performance is the most commonly cited reason because functionality and performance improvements across all areas of operations is a common business goal.   The concern about technology […]

Eliminate the Risks of PLC5

During the height of PLC5 adoption in the 90’s, this version of the programmable logic controller was a state of the art control system. PLC5 was programmable, flexible and, most importantly, reliable. But, now it is becoming obsolete. Over the last two decades, new solutions have become more affordable, more capable and just as reliable […]

Eliminating Automation Technology Risks

Migrations to new technologies are inevitable. A smooth migration from old technologies to new technologies is the standard for suppliers and integrators, but if a migration doesn’t improve business performance, it has failed. Modernization should take into account all areas of the operation’s technologies, processes and skills so that new technologies meet specific business needs […]

Mitigating Automation Technology Risks

Operating legacy technology beyond obsolescence is a common choice for manufacturers, but the choice should be calculated. With a clear view of the technology and business challenges to come, you can create the quantitative and qualitative connections necessary to prove ROI or reduced losses. Mitigation plans should address four primary areas of risk: Preventative maintenance […]

Addressing Automation Technology Risks

In the ARC Strategy Report, “Electrical Power Systems Lifecycle Management Strategies,” 58% of users acknowledge having no formal plan for managing the lifecycle of their technology, yet more than $65 billion worth of legacy automation assets in operation today are reaching the end of their useful life. Have a Obsolescence Plan We can list the many […]

3 Questions to Help You Determine if You Need a Systems Integrator

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken,” is a common mantra among plant managers. As a result, many of our integration projects include updating PLC’s and their associated modules when they become obsolete. Recently, a facility hired us for a PLC system upgrade for a process system that had to be completed in one month. Their internal […]