Workforce Development and Training

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We know that the level of efficiency of your operation is determined by the level of excellence of your people. We understand that one of your greatest assets is your people. Polytron’s Workforce Development and Training offerings connect your process, people and performance.

As the plant floor evolves to a Smart Manufacturing environment, current workforce skills will also need evolve to efficiently respond to a data-driven work environment.  While many discussions in the industry have centered around the challenge of finding new outside talent, the emphasis should shift toward a focus on workforce development for existing plant talent and closing the skill gaps through internal and external training.

We provide your company with a broad spectrum of technical workshops and services —from Leadership Training, Team Performance Training to Continuous Improvement Training.

  • Leadership – preparing your people to lead initiatives and others, through knowledge transfer and mentoring of safety, system, and resource growth topics
  • Team Performance – preparing teams to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot to increase team perfor­mance through vendor and client training and “at-the-line” technical instruction and support
  • Continuous Improvement – preparing people to perform through on-demand “just-in-time” support provided through instructor lead workshops, Web-based training and emerging technologies




53 Weeks of SAFETY – Helping manufacturers facilitate quality safety training at the plant floor level

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