Webinar: Simulation + Emulation

When evaluating potential system design options or validating automation system design functionality, choosing the right software tool and approach can provide a larger return on investment and eliminate unknown risks. In this webinar, Polytron will highlight two case studies and review simulation tools at the beginning of the system design process, emulation tools for validating automation system design functionality at the end of the design process, and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

In manufacturing, the key to success is to manage risk and eliminate the unknown to the highest degree possible. Strategic tools allow you to troubleshoot and perfectly engineer solutions in a safe digital environment.


-Difference between simulation and emulation
-Accuracy and benefits of dynamic OEE simulation models versus static OEE models
-Throughput maximization in a space limited environment
-Cost benefits of modeling a system in the appropriate software for FAT, training, and validation

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