Panel Discussion Series: Manufacturing Trends and Accelerated Technology

We are pleased to bring you insights from several of our experts on current manufacturing trends and how this past year has accelerated technology. Being hands-on across the manufacturing plant floor for almost 40 years, while supporting the goals and strategic direction of our clients, gives Polytron first-hand experience in the current and future trends happening throughout the food and beverage, CPG, chemical, and life sciences industries.

Throughout the past years, manufacturers responded to unexpected market conditions with resilience and proved it is possible to react quickly to situations impacting the workforce, infrastructure, and production to meet high demand. Businesses pivoted to support the economy and the population. The lessons learned from the past year are setting the trajectory of our future, and these trends will continue to impact our workplace and the application of technology in our industries for years to come.

Polytron experts discuss manufacturing trends and how technology has accelerated in the past year for the following solutions:

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Industrial Network and Security
  • Machine Safety
  • Automation and Controls
  • Process
  • Simulation and Emulation
  • Packaging and Material Handling
  • Program and Project Management

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