PolySim Emulation

Emulation is an absolute game changer when it comes to integrating new process, manufacturing or packaging systems, or modifying existing ones. PolySimSM lets you program, test, and tweak everything before you ever lift a screwdriver to begin your new installation. Your PLC will act as if it’s running the actual factory system when, in fact, it’s just a fully functional computer model. You can debug and resolve issues before it hits the plant floor.

TRUST – Built on Consistent Results

You can join our clients who have come to expect the rapid startup times that are only made possible through our virtual commissioning process.  Some of the benefits that you can expect are:

Eliminate the risks – emulation enables detailed preparation for startup, letting you analyze and eliminate many of the potential risks that come with a new line

Shorter project schedules – both for startup and commissioning

Faster time to market – to meet increasing demand or launch profitable new products

Sustainability – avoid the wasted materials normally associated with testing a new line

Ready when you are – start up and run when you’re ready – not weeks later

Time savings – emulation saves time across the board – for service techs, engineering, operations, and others

Cost savings – reduced materials costs and labor costs

Manufacturing Training – operations staff are able to train and make mistakes while the line is still under construction in the physical plant; they can test the system, recommend changes, conduct training, and develop SOPs