Consumer Packaged Goods

Your specific production requirements demand a technical understanding of the interconnection between inventory management, production planning, traffic flow, new/existing product and packaging sales to create a strategic advantage for your business. Whether you need expert assistance with assembly, process, packaging, material handling or distribution, Polytron can help you reach and surpass your business objectives with our Full System Solutions and Services.

Our long-term experience with mid-size to Fortune 500 corporations in the home, health and beauty industries, gives you an added depth of expertise. From liquid household cleaners to baby formula, mouthwash, and non-woven products; from blister packs, to cans, cartons, bags, pouches, plastic and non-round bottles,  Polytron’s experience in manufacturing and packaging provides you with broad experience to bring innovative ideas and best-practices to your manufacturing environment.

By offering turnkey solutions from concept to implementation to workforce manufacturing training, we help you maximize operational efficiency from beginning to end with options and solutions designed for your specific product variations. Our designs incorporate good material handling practices, LEAN and Six Sigma principles and innovative concepts to enable your systems to be efficiently operated and maintained while supporting the overall objectives of your business.

Consumer Packaged Goods Key Benefits and Capabilities

  • Consumer Product Packaging
  • Project Management
  • Power and Controls
  • Integrated Packaging Systems
  • Specifications Development & Management
  • Installation Management
  • Layout and Equipment Optimization
  • “End of Line” Automated Systems
  • Real-time Quality Control
  • Product Consistency and Compliance
  • Workforce Development and Training
  • Warehouse Design/Analysis Services
  • Material Handling Systems Expertise