Strengthening Your Workforce

We know that the level of efficiency of your operation is determined by the level of excellence of your people. We understand that one of your greatest assets is your people. The Polytron difference ensures you receive continuity of performance in your plant by connecting your process, people and performance.

Our ICP workshop prepares your trainers and facilitators to effectively train and transfer knowledge to adults in the real world. It not only provides the right tools and skills, but also creates a solid learning environment within your company that guarantees learning consistency and knowledge transfer continuity. Client feedback after learning best practice training methods for manufacturing training demonstrates the value of change in the workforce:

“Instead of just standing and reading material, I’ve learned to have handouts for everyone and provide information we didn’t know before. The discussion really keeps everyone engaged.”

To ensure your employees are able to provide training the first day they return to your facility, our ICP workshop incorporates activities that develop and hone each candidate’s instructional skills. Pre-course assignments, classroom instruction and activities, two (each) student presentations (with video DVDs of their presentations), and written critiques of their training presentations are all part of the ICP workshop. This varied instruction and feedback allows us to target the needs of each candidate, helping to ensure they can successfully transition into a certified instructor. Our goal is to ensure your employees are field-ready to train in 3 days.

“If success is gauged by positive change and information gain, then ICP is a success!”                                                       – Client Plant Manager

Our 3-day Instructor Certification Program (ICP) helps instructor candidates understand:

  • the difference between ICP and Train-the-Trainer
  • the importance of effective training
  • adult learning techniques
  • what and how instructional competencies/skills should be employed.
  • how to create a solid learning environment
  • how to effectively question to check for knowledge gained

All candidates that have successfully completed the ICP Workshop will receive a certificate of completion awarding 2.4 CEUs.