Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Increases OEE from 51% to 79%

In the process of considering a costly capital expenditure, the manufacturing team asked a question which changed everything: “how do we get the most out of our existing assets?”

Polytron implemented a solution providing a robust modular platform to provide decision making, interdepartmental communication, and extensibility.

Utilizing real-time production data to optimize manufacturing, the manufacturer recouped the initial project’s costs within three months.

With their newly acquired real-time insights, out-of-the-box TrakSYS user
interface screens, dashboards, and reports, the plant floor departments were able to rapidly communicate, share knowledge, and resolve production roadblocks.

Making use of this array of tools resulted in an OEE increase from 51% to 79% after the initial implementation. Actual OEE has increased by 55%, which translates directly to 55% more cases shipped using the same assets and personnel. Additionally, teams are now financially incentivized to continually meet and exceed daily line OEE goals, which currently sit at 80%.

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