Lynn Moriarty Earns ISA Cybersecurity Certification

Duluth, GA – 17 October 2016 – Polytron, Inc., a leading engineering consultancy and systems integration firm based in Duluth, Georgia, proudly announces that Lynn Moriarty, PE, CAP, Project Lead has earned his ISA 99/ IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist Certification.  The ISA Cybersecurity Fundamental Specialist Certification deepens Lynn’s expertise to provide solutions appropriate to SCADA and plant floor environments.  Lynn has over twenty years of engineering experience providing industrial automation, systems integration and electrical engineering services to the food and beverage, consumer products, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. The increase in the exposure and cybersecurity threats to the SCADA and process control networks demand that manufacturers protect critical control systems. The ISA Cybersecurity certification provides Polyton’s clients with solutions for advanced SCADA protection through Risk Analysis and building the business case for industrial security.

The ISA Certification includes Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems standards: ANSI/ISA-62443-1-1 (ANSI/ISA-99.00.01-2007),  ANSI/ISA-62443-2-1 (ANSI/ISA-99.02.01-2009), ANSI/ISA-62443-3-3;  Security for industrial automation and control systems; System security requirements and security levels.    Full Press Release