Integrated, Actionable Data Improves OEE

October 21, 2022, An Interview with Robin Cobb, PE, PMP, Sr. Project Manager, Polytron

Polytron helps a global beverage producer leverage data to find opportunities to increase efficiency without replacing aging equipment.

“The first thing we did was an audit,” Robin says. Polytron performed a detailed inventory to better understand what type of data the various pieces of equipment were collecting, and how the data was being stored. From there, “it was all about connectivity,” Robin says. Polytron had to find a way to bring all the data together centrally so they could run algorithms and perform analysis to identify opportunities for efficiencies. That was no easy feat – especially since the company operates globally at a large scale.

“When we started digging into it, we were seeing potential for about a 10% – 15% increase in OEE,” Robin says. “That’s HUGE for the food and beverage industry…”

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