How to Add a New Line in Half the Time

100042577-221x122Even with a highly complex installation, our manufacturers get to market in about half the time that they originally planned. Such a tall claim is a good reason for suspicion, but that’s not all. Our solution doesn’t just expedite projects, it also requires half the effort and half the cost.

One Word: Emulation

The single best way to manage risk and eliminate unknowns is to emulate your new controls virtually prior to installation. Emulation lets you troubleshoot and perfect new solutions in a safe digital environment. With emulation, you will:

  • Slash time and expense associated with new installations.
  • Train operators and maintenance in real time with maximum learning and minimum fear.
  • Test multiple scenarios without wasting materials.
  • Turn traditional field-testing on its head by debugging before you deploy.

The possibilities are endless. For example, you can test a long term production forecast on your finished goods handling system today, and compare them to new package sizes or formats with no wasted time and product. As you watch various scenarios unfold you can identify and resolve issues before they actually occur.

Emulation is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Test everything in-house on the PolySim model.
  2. Make adjustments.
  3. Conduct a final Factory Acceptance Test.

By the time of installation, 95% of debugging and verification process is complete. Your line will run at full capacity prior to your original deadline.

How PolySimSM Emulation Works

PolySim is a technology model that interacts with an existing PLC program controlling the line. The PLC appears to be running the line while in fact, it’s just a perfect “emulation” of the line—a digital clone. The PLC reads the input from this dynamic model and directs the outputs in the model according to the logic. The interaction allows you and your team to verify the logic, confirming that the line will in fact operate as you intend it to. As well, the HMI can be linked to the PLC to verify all operator controls, alarms and annunciators.

“I’d never do another project without it.”

You can’t predict the success of a line change or acquisition, but you can gain more insight. As an early and successful adopter of PolySimSM Emulation, Polytron has helped diverse manufacturers use it to grow without the guesswork. Take the guesswork out of your new line by giving us a call today.