Digital Transformation – What Does It Mean For Your Plant

Polytron predicts that this year will be focused on the trends that begin the journey of digital transformation in manufacturing. It is an approach that is holistic in nature – viewing the plant floor as one living. breathing entity.  It is a manufacturing environment where everything is part of a digital thread, or the interwoven data stream from supply chain to warehousing and the consumer. Delivering full visibility into every facet and action of production to allow companies to be more competitive, agile and flexible moving with the quickly changing markets and speed of technology evolution. Manufacturers’ success over the coming years will be comprised of connected, data-driven processes that combine innovative automation, interactive connectivity, sensing and control, with a transformed workforce.

Digital Transformation:  Smart Manufacturing, IIoT, Manufacturing 4.0, Industry 4.0 – all of these labels represent the era of manufacturing run by smart fully-integrated devices/technology, and wireless access to the operation for fast data-driven decisions. It is a time where the technologies and tools do not dictate operations in the plant – but support the vision of plant. It is a time for increased OEE, consistency and predictive action – knowing something requires attention before it goes wrong.

It is a year of partnering with a vendor who can support your digital transformation journey with the seamless digital thread to connect the whole plant enterprise with no independent point solutions – and the ability to grow with your journey.

Digital Transformation of the Workforce: The evolution of the digitally transformed plant floor requires that the workforce evolves as well. It is the alignment of long- and short-term strategic objectives and the key stakeholders. It requires focused education and communication. This is a year of bringing the workforce together with standard operating procedures and KPIs for consistency in operational delivery. It is a time for skills gap assessment to develop efficient training programs to align workers with the technical requirements of a data-driven plant floor. It is all about creating a Digital Work Culture.

Getting Started on Your Digital Transformation Journey:

  • Align key stakeholders with strategic long- and short-term objectives.  This includes operations, maintenance, IT/OT, supply chain, warehouse
  • Conduct a comprehensive vendor review to ensure you have the appropriate integration experts to support your journey – a vendor who truly understands the digital thread in manufacturing
  • Develop a Digital Transformation Roadmap.  How to Start – How to keep going – How to measure success
  • Think BIG – Start SMALL – Scale RAPIDLY.  Plan a phased approach for quick wins and successes across a single or multiple sites.

Start today – the clock is ticking