3 Keys to a Successful Systems Integration Project

Once you have found a systems integrator that suits your needs, its time to execute. By conveying your expectations and trusting the expertise of your integrator, you increase the chances that the project will be executed according to plan. Here are a few more key items that are necessary for any successful integration project. 1.) […]

3 Questions to Help You Determine if You Need a Systems Integrator

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken,” is a common mantra among plant managers. As a result, many of our integration projects include updating PLC’s and their associated modules when they become obsolete. Recently, a facility hired us for a PLC system upgrade for a process system that had to be completed in one month. Their internal […]

Do You Overlook This Important Source of Cost Savings?

Manufacturing success often hinges upon a plant manager’s ability to use data wisely. When they spot inefficiencies, they can take corrective measures and increase margins. Some inefficiencies are easier to solve than others. With recent advancements in manufacturing technologies, optimizing energy consumption has become low hanging fruit. Energy use and costs continue to climb. One-fifth […]

Meeting Deadlines with Equipment Suppliers: Contingency Planning and Negotiation

We are dedicated to executing each job on time and within the project scope. A lot of planning, management and communication goes into our side to ensure performance. At the same time, we recognize that many of the companies we work with have different standards. As the system integrator and project manager, it is our […]

Project Management: Developing a Risk-Management Plan

Today’s speed of business has increased project risk by introducing more potential risk events and elevating the consequences of those risk events being realized. Tied to any manufacturing project are production deadlines, product promotions, advertising dollars and as always – the ROI. As the project manager on a project, we are responsible for ensuring timely […]

Proactive Communication for Successful Project Management

Communication is key to the success of any project. and it drives everything we do. In our organization, communication flows freely in all directions – up, down and across the organization. For starters, we do not uphold a rigid hierarchy of positions. Those project structures tend to incur one-dimensional information flows that lead to less […]

A Custom Approach to Project Management

As a Systems Integrator focused on the manufacturing industries, our work usually involves a mix of software, hardware and value added engineering and training services. For our clients, a manufacturing project is temporary, designed to accomplish a specific goal, such as the installation and startup of a new system or line.  Sometimes, a project brings […]