Training with Industrial Emulation

New line projects and upgrades are like walking on a high wire. Projects can get delayed, downtime can increase and productivity often drops during a change. Getting sidetracked is easy and meeting every goal is a nearly impossible balancing act. To help manufacturers and personnel keep their balance throughout a big line project, we developed […]

A Scientific Approach to Industrial Line Upgrades

You have a big line upgrade or expansion project. There is a limited budget, zero room for mistakes, and the project needed to be completed yesterday. We have the technology that will give you the insight you need to complete a successful, timely project: Emulation. The single best way to manage risk and eliminate unknowns […]

Upgrade and Expand Lines Faster with Industrial Emulation

Even with a highly complex installation, our manufacturers get to market in half the time they originally planned. Our emulation solution doesn’t just speed up projects, it also reduces effort and cost by half. Best-in-Class manufacturers use emulation to make better project decisions because it: Lowers overall investment risks Reduces on-site testing time and costs […]

How to Add a New Line in Half the Time

Even with a highly complex installation, our manufacturers get to market in about half the time that they originally planned. Such a tall claim is a good reason for suspicion, but that’s not all. Our solution doesn’t just expedite projects, it also requires half the effort and half the cost. One Word: Emulation The single […]

Capitalizing on the FAT

During new machine installation or upgrade activities some people seem to have a good handle on equipment to be installed. If you’re not one of them, you probably did not attend the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the new machine. For projects involving new equipment, the FAT is performed at the vendor facility before the […]

What will automation, controls, and instrumentation look like in 2020?

Brent Stromwall, PE, PMP and vice president of Polytron, Inc. said that by 2020, manufacturing enters a true digital era. On the way, “It is imperative that manufacturers provide more precise and advanced access to technical and reference materials so that operators and technicians are better prepared to operate and maintain both existing and new […]

Operational Consistency – Operator Driven Reliability

I recently presented a webinar on the topic of Operational Consistency – Operator Driven Reliability focusing on stable, standardized operational processes for Operational Excellence. I believe that at its core, Operational Excellence is the state of an organization – it’s a culture, where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership result in ongoing organizational improvement. This operational approach […]

The Emulation Equation

How to get to market in half the time – even with highly complex installations. You need to increase capacity, so you’re adding a new line. Maybe you want to bring outsourcing inside…gear up for a new product launch…or rearrange your geographical footprint to lower distribution costs. Either way, every day without that new line […]