Automation and Controls: Hot Topics You Need to Know

Automation and Controls: Hot Topics You Need to Know

As production demand increases, manufacturers are focusing on automation and control system upgrades. Out-of-date controls and infrastructure upgrades improve efficiency and operational performance to meet these business objectives, so manufacturers can achieve growth targets, remain competitive, and gain sustainability for future growth.

Included in this infrastructure is the upgrade and modernization of batch and recipe management for process systems. These upgrades usually focus on quality, agile production, reducing waste, and returning a greater ROI.

Hot Topics in Process and Automation & Controls:

  • Delivering and upgrading infrastructure to improve efficiency and operational performance
  • Allowing safe and secure remote access to automation to receive immediate service and support with less travel
  • Implementing smart devices, sensors, and robotics to allow operators and manufacturing personal to do more on the plant floor
  • Adapting to versatile systems to make multiple products in the same process system
  • Performing predictive maintenance with accelerometers and other smart sensors
  • Execution of emulation and simulation for more accurate project decisions

More manufacturers are including emulation and simulation in process, and automation and controls to make better project decisions. Emulation removes the guesswork and delivers an efficient real time approach for confident outcomes. With high demand and constant production running, manufacturers are seeking lower risk solutions and design validation before projects are implemented. This delivers cost-savings and faster startups. Polytron offers proven solutions to help you meet the demands of today’s market.  

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