An IoT systems integrator’s approach to IoT pilots

Courtesy of Priority Payload Report One of the most interesting presentations at the IoT for Manufacturing workshop at Georgia Tech was from Polytron, a systems integrator specializing in manufacturing. While the focus of the presentation was the resurgence of RFID on the shop floor, there were several other takeaways shared by the company concerning planning IoT […]

RFID Implementation Delivers Product Tracking & Inventory Control

RFID Implementation Delivers Product Tracking & Inventory Control The Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) market started off slow in the early 1990s, but is now expected to reach $14.9 billion by 2022 according to IDTechEx.  RFID was primarily used in the Retail market, but is beginning to grow as a valuable solution in the manufacturing and warehousing sector. […]

Back-of-the-Envelope OEE in 5 Steps

We recently received this helpful approach to World Class OEE calculations from Parsec Corporation.  As a Parsec Certified Solution Partner, we wanted to share with you. Back-of-the-Envelope OEE in 5 Steps While calculating and improving your own OEE always adds value to your organization, it helps to know where others stand to truly benchmark your […]

Make Manufacturing Intelligence Valuable with a Plan

Manufacturing intelligence (MI) projects are initiated to drive improvements in line performance, line availability, overall quality, waste reduction, inventory management, changeovers, reduced impact of recalls, etc. The overall goal is to improve manufacturing operations by turning data into actionable information that drives business results. The latest technology now provides unparalleled insight into manufacturing systems. Many MI […]

The Emulation Equation

How to get to market in half the time – even with highly complex installations. You need to increase capacity, so you’re adding a new line. Maybe you want to bring outsourcing inside…gear up for a new product launch…or rearrange your geographical footprint to lower distribution costs. Either way, every day without that new line […]

MESA 2011 North American Conference Follow-up

Last month Polytron attended the MESA North American Conference which was held in Orlando, FL. In case you are not familiar with MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association), it is a “global community of manufacturers, producers, industry leaders and solution providers who are focused on improving Operations Management capabilities through the effective application of technology solutions […]