Client Testimonials

Polytron values our client relationships.  We form long-term trusted partnerships that enable our clients to successfully achieve their goals of continuous improvement.  Here are some of the testimonials that our clients have given us throughout the years.

“Thanks again for your efforts this past week to assist our plant. Your flexibility and WILLINGNESS to jump in is truly appreciated by all.”  Major Frozen Pizza Manufacturer

“The Polytron team just finished the installation and startup of Line 6. We received high marks on our ‘report card’ and a hearty Well Done.” Major Beverage Manufacturer

“The training team exceeded my expectations. We had a tight schedule and you came through without sacrificing the quality of your work. When I committed to management that I would make sure the position analysis and skill and knowledge checks would be done by the end of October 2012, I had no concern that you could do it.” Employee Development, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

 “Your folks did a great job! Please pass along my thanks to everyone for their superb support. I hope we can install some more of these systems in our tissue lines here in the near future.”  Paper Products Manufacturer

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to my Polytron Family for setting our vendors up for success! Using a training manual set in training chapters as requested, a pre-assessment, a post assessment and a written checklist for knowledge, plus setup sheets saved the day! A new guy was able to successfully train on the equipment – he did a very good job, stuck to the manual and we started up that equipment without a hitch! I cannot say thank you enough, without these standard I know he would have been lost and consequently, and so would our employees. Your system works and this is yet another reason why I insist on having your services during a line modification or new line startup.”  Training and Technology Integration, National Winery 

“Among the system integrators I interact with, I’ve found that Polytron has a unique quality about them: their commitment to developing their customers’ people to ensure continuity of performance.” Robert Lowe, Executive Director, Control System Integrators Association

“After talking with all of the participants in the [ICP] class, the overwhelming response was very positive. The [Polytron] instructor did an outstanding job as our instructor and kept everyone actively engaged. The evidence to support this became clear when our instructors delivered the second presentation. The improvement was clearly there and I also observed an increase in their confidence levels. A key learning for us: We know we have good base material, but the way it is prepared and delivered, clearly isn’t where it needs to be. The workshop has provided a process for us to remedy that gap in our materials and instructors.  Thank you again for the high quality workshop.”  Training and Qualification, Major Chemical Manufacturer

“Polytron is my go-to integrator for any  manufacturing opportunity that involves our System Platform. They have taken care of both the customer and their supplier on every project we have jointly tackled.  Thoroughness, trustworthiness and professionalism are ever-present with Polytron associates.” Major Manufacturing Software Provider

“With the interactive “Computer-Based training provided by Polytron and rolled out across multiple locations, I was told by some of our plants that they learned more from “Polytron interactive training” than they learned from all other trainings combined (including the one given by me) …” Director of Controls Engineering, Major Beverage Manufacturer

“Polytron’s expertise, their reliability and their focus on better ways to do things in manufacturing both complements our offering as well as reduces the risk for our clients.”  Major Manufacturing Software Provider

“Just when I think it is impossible, you do it. You have made this installation, check-out, and start-up the best ever. Your deliverable continues to improve! I cannot express my appreciation for all you do and, similarly, the operations leadership and plant leadership are pleased as well. Thank you so much for all you do and all that you continue to do.  You are truly appreciated.”  Major Beverage Manufacturer